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400 E Valla crane: maximum power with jib!

400 E Valla crane: maximum power with jib!



A great configuration, one of the most performing on the market, for a 400 E Valla crane built for an important german customers who operate in the industrial lifting field. The crane was equipped with an optional hydraulic jib with a lifting capacity if 20 t. This is a modular jib, 2 meters  long, in the shorter version, and that can reach 3 meters in the long version, with a load capacity of 10 t.


With a maximum loading capacity of 40 t in standard configuration, the main 400 E Valla feature is the possibility to be equipped with a wide range of accessories (such as hydraulic winch, manual Jib,  hydraulic Jib, radio remote control for aereal part, non marking wheels, self levelling hydraulic forks, automatic watering system for battery, on board battery charger, carry deck, closed cabin), that make this electric model the ideal solution for those who have to lift heavy loads.


The highest efficiency and security levels  are guaranteed by the new Electronical Load Moment Indicator system (LMI), equipped with a display to control and display the following parameters: load lifted, maximum lifting capacity, percentage of overturning, working range, angle,  extension and indicator lights of the operating status.


Built using only high quality carpentry and components, assembled and supplied by the best national manufacturers, the Valla 400 E crane is also a 100% Made in Italy and 100% Green. The entire range of Valla pick & carry cranes has the electric version, powerful as a diesel version but with enormous advantages for the reduction of environmental pollution.


Used throughout the world, the 400 E Valla crane is a model that agrees all customers, of any latitude, who have been using it for several time and that recognize its important features, as loading capacity, extremely simple to construction, easy to use and with a long lift cycle.


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