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Valla: We Care About the Environment & Safety


Valla has bet on electric cranes for decades, was the first to focus on these products and now has more experience in the field.
An electric crane is as powerful as a diesel crane and has many more advantages in involving users and the environment around them.

An electric crane is environmentally friendly because it uses fuel, it can work indoors without emitting harmful exhaust gases to the working environment can have a range of several hours of continuous use, without making noise.

Valla uses biodegradable lubricants and ensures a total recovery of parts of the crane that could cause environmental damage, such as lead content in the ballast or the old batteries.


For Valla safety is integral to design. Valla designs and builds its cranes in accordance with the leading international standards. All Valla cranes are equipped with electronic load moment indicator.

The testing phase simulates extreme lifting, and it is for these reasons that we have never had security problems of people who use our cranes.