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Discover the new Valla 25 E!

Discover the new Valla 25 E!

 Planned and designed to satisfy the market needs, always looking for cranes with reduced dimensions, easy to use, maneuverable and able to operate in tight spaces, the new Valla 25E is the ideal solution for moving different types of loads in a short time!

With 2764 mm length, 950 mm width and 2124 mm height, the new Valla 25E is the most compact mobile crane in the market.              
The three wheels supporting structure made in high quality steel with internal counterweights ensure the maximum crane ‘stability. The new Valla 25E is also extremely maneuverable thanks to characteristics such as the power steering and the steering helm with 180° rotation, controlled by inverter.

The wide range of accessories (as for example: hydraulic winch, manual Jib, radio remote control, non-marking wheels, battery watering system and so on…) make this model adaptable to every working environment. Thanks to the chain hoist, the Valla 25E can also operate in tight vertical spaces.

The highest level of efficiency and security are guaranteed by the new Electronical Load Moment Indicator system (LMI), equipped with display, to control and visualize load and boom’s position in every moment and by  the safety device on backward.


The first-level components and carpentry, assembled and provided from the top national companies, used to build this model, make the new Valla 25 E 100% Made in Italy.

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