OIL&STEEL and MANITEX VALLA’s LET’S GO HIGHER event in San Cesario sul Panaro (Modena) on 14 June 2024 proved to be highly successful, with many national and international customers, dealers and partners expressing a lively interest in the proceedings.

The two-day event was a special occasion to discover and try out the latest innovations in the ranges of OIL&STEEL and MANITEX VALLA, confirming them as two of the most important players in the lifting sector in Italy and the rest of the world. Alternating between the two days of Thursday for export customers and Friday for Italian customers, all the participants were able to experience first-hand the quality of 100% Italian-made OIL&STEEL platforms and MANITEX VALLA cranes.

Giovanni Tacconi, Managing Director of PM OIL&STEEL and Vice President of Manitex International, expressed great satisfaction and enthusiasm about this two-day event: ‘The main objective of the event,’ he commented, ‘has been achieved. In addition to shining the spotlight on the wide range of solutions offered by OIL&STEEL, the event also reopened the doors of the company, fostering an atmosphere of networking and conviviality among all those who were present’. His words highlight just how well this event ultimately went, and confirm OIL&STEEL’s role as a leader in the market of lifting equipment.

Paolo Balugani, Managing Director of MANITEX VALLA, also expressed his great satisfaction, emphasising the great importance of the event as an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with his national and international dealers and partners after several years of absence. This event was a chance to officially inaugurate the new course taken in recent years and the renewed impetus for one of the best established companies in the industry. The company would like to thank all those who took part and contributed to the success of the event, and hopes to meet them again soon for future opportunities for discussion and collaboration.